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Packaged Application Testing CRM – Plug-and-Play

August 30, 2009 1 comment

Transformation – Building Packaged Application Testing offerings with application CRM aligned with product line Siebel, PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle and with domain expertise like telecoms, manufacturing, banking & insurance will result in most complete packaged application testing CRM offerings for an IT service provider

Made of each other – Customer has no time for test drive. Customer now seeks a packaged application testing solutions from a vendor that offers a deep industry domain and application testing expertise on a specific product line.

A customer always looks for a unique combination of domain expertise, application solution and product line knowledge. Let’s provide a customer-centric test approach – Plug-and-Play.

Your solutions must fit in to customer’s imagination- your solutions and customer requirement should be made for each other

Gap – There is a huge gap between the way packaged application testing models actually work in practice and the way it is managed and modeled by other IT Companies. Competitive advantage is achieved not through command, resource control, resource allocation, and resource billable. Instead, it is realized through collaboration, communication, innovation and domain excellence in practical way.

It is a proven fact that transformation of business model leads to growth and creativity.

Let’s not learn at customer’s cost

Packaged application testing CRM center of innovation – We know, innovation happens at the intersections, but at intersection, do we have a practical approach to train our test team? Hence an IT vendor has to come out with a ‘Packaged application testing center of innovation’, a platform to share the practical insights within a packaged application testing team members. Test teams are not made of test skills alone, it is how the skills of individual team member intersect and interact at an innovation platform, which has a practical approach, positive mindset and infrastructure. Emphasized should be given more on understanding the business domain of your customer and training programs must be designed to transfer the industry-specific domain knowledge and experience in practical way

You’ll not only able to transfer the knowledge but also the experience to your test teams

Some of the practical approach could be:  “Clone CRM test lab”,  “Testing the tester”, “Test then develop”

Going forward, if you would like to transform your package application testing in a modern specialized structure format as provided above in brief ordinary blog, will have an extraordinary benefit, there could actually be two winners – You and your customer.

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